Dehumidifier vs. Air Purifier: Which Is Best for Mold?

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If you have a mold problem in your home, you might be wondering whether a dehumidifier or air purifier will be the best solution. The quick answer is that a dehumidifier is the best choice if you have to pick one, but using both a dehumidifier and air purifier in the same room will give you the best results.

Dehumidifiers Are Best for Mold

If the main reason you are purchasing one of these appliances is to get rid of mold, a dehumidifier is the best choice. Whilst an air purifier will help to get rid of mold, the root cause of the mold is the humidity levels. Therefore, an air purifier won’t get rid of the mold for good and will only temporarily fix the problem.

A dehumidifier is the better choice because they reduce the humidity levels in the air which will prevent the mold from growing in the first place, cutting off the root cause of the problem. However, as I talk about next, using both appliances in the same room is very effective at removing mold.

Dehumidifier and Air Purifier in the Same Room?

If you’re having problems with mold, using both an air purifier and dehumidifier in the same room is a great idea. The dehumidifier will reduce humidity levels making it much tougher for the mold to grow. Then the air purifier will catch any airborne mold that does happen to appear. This gives you the best of both worlds and the greatest success in solving your mold problem.

What is the Ideal Humiditiy Level for Mold?

Mold becomes a problem in your home when the humidity levels rise above 60%. Ideally, you want to aim for a humidity level of between 30% and 50%. Within this range, your home won’t feel to dry but mold won’t be able to thrive either. You can check the humidity level with a hygrometer like the ThermoPro TP50 (link to Amazon)

Which Dehumidifier Should I Buy?

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Best for Large Rooms
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Which Air Purifier Should I Buy?

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