Looking for a Directional Ceiling Fan with Light?

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Ceiling fans are a great way to keep a room cool in the summer months. Some even come with light kits which is great for keeping everything looking neat and saving space.

Most ceiling fans just blow straight down, but a few models are directional. The problem is, it seems very hard to find ceiling fans that are both directional and come with a light kit.

After spending some time looking around online, the closest option I have found is the Minka-Aire F802-BN/CH which is a dual fan model with a light in the middle.

Minka-Aire F802-BN/CH

MINKA-AIRE F802-BN/CH Vintage Gyro Ceiling Fan, 42'

This fan features two sets of blades on each side of the light fitting. The angle of the fans can be changed and the unit can be set to rotate 360° as well, esentially making it directional.

The light included with the fan isn’t the brightest, so it might not be suitable as a main light source, but it’s great for additional lighting.

User reviews for this fan are particularly happy with the quality of the fan, how great it looks, the amount of air it puts out, and how quiet it is.

The main downside is the price. Unfortunately it will be out of the price range for many peoples budgets, but if you’re budget can stretch, it’s a great fan if you’re looking for a ceiling fan that is both directional and has a light kit.

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