Looking for a Small Caged Ceiling Fan with Light?

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If you’re in search of a small caged ceiling fan with light, you might have found it’s difficult to find one with such specific requirements. But don’t worry! We’ve done some research for you and found a great little ceiling fan which we’re sure you will love.

When you’re looking for a ceiling fan, there are quite a few caged options available, and many of these have lights too. But unfortunately (at least if you’re looking for something smaller), most of them are a little too large and measure in at over 20″ in diameter. I haven’t been able to find one much under 20″, but the Fanimation LP8350LAZ is the closest I could find and measures just under 20″.

Our Recommendation
Fanimation LP8350LAZ
  • Cage diameter: 19.5″
  • Fan diameter: 13″
  • Ceiling to base of fan: 13″ (approx.)
  • Includes remote
  • Dimming feature
  • 3 speed motor
  • 1-3-6 hour timer

What We Like About the Fanimation LP8350LAZ

  • Small size: This is, of course, the main reason we chose this fan. The Amazon page is a bit ambiguous when it comes to the size, but a few people who own the fan can confirm the diameter is around 19.5″. Other than the 17" Casa Vestige, this is the smallest caged fan with light I could find. The Casa Vestige is another good option, but it’s more expensive, sits further away from the ceiling, and in my opinion it doesn’t look as good. Definitely one to check out though.
  • Unique look: This fan has a very unique look to it with four light bulbs sitting within the cage. You can check out the reviews on Amazon where you can find photos of this fan in action to get a better sense of what it will look like.
  • Lots of features: The LP8350LAZ has quite a few useful little features including dimming of the lights, 3 speed settings, and a timer. It also includes a remote which is great, but unfortunately, it can only be operated through the remote.
  • Powerful: Considering the small size of the fan, it can move a lot of air, especially on the highest setting, although the blowing air is mostly concentrated directly below the fan.

Drawbacks to the Fanimation LP8350LAZ

  • Installation: A few users have complained about the installation being quite difficult and the instructions not being very clear. Once the fan is installed though, the majority of users are happy with the end result.
  • Air Blows Straight Down: Due to the small size of the fan, most of the air is directed straight down and it doesn’t do a good job of distributing the air throughout the whole room. Unfortunately, there isn’t much they could have done differently as this is just the nature of small diameter fans.
  • Remote Is Required to Change Settings: Another drawback which I mentioned earlier is that the remote is required to change the settings. This can be a problem if things like this often go missing around your house!

Other Points

  • Included Bulbs Are Quite Dim: One point to note is that the bulbs included are quite dim. This is great if you want some subtle lighting in your room, but you may want to change the bulbs if you require some brighter lighting.
  • Only suitable for indoor use.
Fanim Industries LP8350LAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan with Vintage Light Kit, 20 Inch, Aged...
Fanim Industries LP8350LAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan with Vintage Light Kit, 20 Inch, Aged...
Cage/drum style indoor only 23-in ceiling fan; Includes (4) 40w e12 candelabra base vintage light bulbs

An Alternative (Great for Outdoor Use)

If you’re not a fan of the Fanimation LP8350LAZ (excuse the pun), then the 17″ Casa Vestige is another option to consider. This one is slightly smaller in diameter, but it does sit further away from the ceiling. It’s suitable for outdoor use too, unlike the Fanimation. The Casa Vestige comes with a wall control instead of a remote.

Our Recommendation
17" Casa Vestige
  • Cage diameter: 17″
  • Fan diameter: 14″
  • Ceiling to base of fan: 16″ (approx.)
  • Includes wall control
  • 3 speed motor

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