The Best Enclosed Ceiling Fans with Lights

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Choosing a decent ceiling fan is an important part of furnishing and decorating a home. If you need a good ceiling fan with a light and want some selections for consideration, read through the article below to see what may work for you. Some options may be relatively cheap; others may cost well over $600. The options included below cover a wide price range. Some of the options may be suitable for large rooms or for areas that are not easily affected by humidity; others may be ideal for modestly sized rooms. Others may deliver more on air circulation and less on lighting.

Reviews of the Best Enclosed Ceiling Fans with Lights

1. Fanimation Studio Collection Vintere

Fanim Industries LP8350LAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan with Vintage Light Kit, 20 Inch, Aged...

If you are searching for a pretty fan that does not clash with the décor of your room, then you may want to consider purchasing this ceiling fan. The airflow is 1360 cubic feet per minute. The electricity use is 36 watts. This is an attractive fan that can make the same dazzling impression as a chandelier.

Adjusting the fan settings can be done with a remote, but this may be an issue if the remote is lost or damaged. The lights are also not extremely powerful, but this problem can be improved by using bright white lights instead of the vintage light bulbs. The installation may also be longer than desirable.

This is an excellent fan for those who want an attractive appliance for keeping a room reasonably cool. For those who want the fan to keep a room well-lit, adjustments can be made to the fan to improve this aspect of its function. This may not be an ideal option for those who feel prone to losing remotes or those who do not wish to adjust their purchase to suit other needs.

  • Attractive and classy
  • Generates plenty of air flow
  • Fan is quiet when running
  • Installation may be complex or too long
  • The light may not be bright enough for some users

2. Stiles Anderson Brushed Nickel

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This is a sleek, modern fan that would give a polished look to any library or living room. The fan comes with an expert replacement installation option. The fan may be adjusted with a remote control. This is also a relatively affordable option.

This fan may not be an ideal selection for those who are sensitive to noise. The lighting may not be extremely powerful. Those who want simple instructions for installation may not be pleased with this fan. However, the fan works very well and may be suitable for those who need a decorative piece for their ceiling.

This is an attractive option for those who prioritize aesthetic value and are not extremely sensitive to noise. This is also a good choice if you do not mind adjusting the settings with a remote control. This may not be an ideal choice for those who have large rooms that need lighting. This may be a good option for those on a budget and want to select a cheap, pretty option that does its job well.

  • Modern and stylish option
  • Fits neatly in most rooms
  • Effective at cooling off a room
  • Noise may increase after some usage
  • The lighting may not be satisfactory
  • Installation instructions may be hard to follow

3. Casa Vestige Modern (17″)

Casa Vieja 17' Vestige Modern Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light Antique Bronze...

This is a beautiful fan that is modestly sized. The light included is comparable to a 60 watt incandescent bulb. The fan is also fairly lightweight and may not be hard to install. This is an attractive option for those who want a classic, stylish fan that will not clash with the room decorations.

The fan hangs from a rod attached to the ceiling. This installation feature may cause the fan to hang too low for some users. The light is also too weak to fully illuminate a large room. This may not be an issue if a light is desired mostly for aesthetic purposes.

This is a fan ideal for those who want a small, pretty fan that can accommodate the size and appearance of most rooms. It may not be ideal for lighting up large spaces. It may not be the perfect fan for oversized rooms or rooms that tend to heat up quickly. For people who are tall, the fan may feel somewhat intrusive and cumbersome.

  • Quiet when running
  • Strong air circulation
  • Fits most rooms
  • Lighting may not be sufficient for large rooms
  • May not stand up well in humidity

4. Esquire Solid Bronze 3-Head (38″)

38' Esquire Industrial Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light LED Remote Control 3-Head Solid...

If you are prepared to splurge on a gorgeous item with a unique industrial look, then this fan may suit you. This is a double-fan with a single light. It is remote-controlled and made of bronze. It weighs about 72 pounds.

This is a large fan with a highly distinctive shape. It will not fit into small rooms or look good with décor that does not suit the unique design of the fan. Yet this fan delivers on good lighting and powerful air circulation.

This is an ideal fan for those with large, beautiful rooms that can accommodate a large appliance with an unusual design or shape. This is not a good option for those who need a lightweight option or do not have extra hands available for installation. The fan is also expensive and may require some budgeting if it is to become affordable.

  • Show stopping look
  • Powerful fans
  • Good lighting
  • Rather expensive
  • May require more than one person for installation

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